Experience connections between your breathing, heart rate and relaxation reflexes. Imagine the change, then hear the change, see the change, become the change…



An iOS app for use with wearable heart rate sensors that use the Bluetooth 4.0 'Heart Rate Service' standard.
Not compatible with Apple Watch or FitBit devices.

Realtime Heart Rate displays

In addition to the BrightHearts interactive artwork, you can look at changes in your heart rate over time with the graph view feature. This can be useful when you want to look back over a few minutes and see how your heart rate has changed. 

Inspiring sounds and visuals

BrightHearts immersive visuals and relaxing sounds respond to changes in your heart rate. The visuals begin with an orange background - as your heart rate begins to get slower - this shifts from orange to yellow, green and eventually blue.

Every time your heart rate begins to get slower again, you will hear the bells chiming - they get lower in pitch the slower your heart rate.

Designed for Bluetooth 4.0

BrightHearts App has been designed to be compatible with the Bluetooth 4.0 (Bluetooth Smart) Heart Rate Service standard, including MIO Link, MIO Alpha, MIO Fuse, MIO Velo, Polar H7 and H6 devices, and the Zephyr HxM Smart.

Please contact us if you already have another Bluetooth 4.0 compatible heart rate sensor - and we will arrange a free trial of the app for you to test with.

Note: BrightHearts App does NOT work with Apple Watch, or FitBit Devices.